Berat Backpackers Tour Office

Our tour office is under development, but we still offer some great tours around Berat.

Canyoning Tour

June, July, August, and September

Want to escape the hot summer sun?  Why not come with us on a journey down the Osumi River Canyon?  We leave here at nine o’clock, arrive to the Canyon by 11 and from there, do a canyon hike/walk/swim for 3 kilometers.  After the refreshing waters you’ll be tired and we’ll eat a picnic lunch and drink some Raki overlooking the canyon.  An unforgettable moment during your trip to Albania.

Canyon/Waterfall Tour

All Season Long

Want to see the canyon and the Bogove waterfall in the same day?  We will go to the canyon, check out all the spectacular view points, have an espresso overlooking the canyon, and then take a quick hike down to the bottom to really get a sense of the scale.  We’ll go to the bridge and stand over the canyon.  Then back in the car and onto another hike for thirty or so minutes to the Bogove waterfall.  We’ll have lunch and some raki and maybe jump in if you dare.



  • Price 1 Person
  • €40
  • Lunch Included

  • Price 2 People
  • €25 each
  • Lunch Included

  • Price 3-4 People
  • €20 each
  • Lunch Included