Hikes In Berat



Gorica – Illyrian Ruins Hike

“Easiest hike in the village”

Easy—20 minutes

Turn right once you leave the hostel.  Take the staircase across from the first house on the right. There will be a dirt path on the right that will lead you to the top. There are several forks in the path but there are also lots of signs on trees pointing you in the right direction. At the top is a fantastic view of Berat


Illyrian Ruins – Drobonik

“Best way to spend a Berati morning”

Easy-10 Kms-3 hours

If you would like to continue the hike you can head in the direction of the cellphone tower.

Take the path on the right edge of the olive tree field and then continue straight on up the hill towards the tower.  From the tower take the gravel road behind it (that heads in the opposite direction of Berat).  Follow the road for an hour or so until you come to the village of Drobonik.

At the cemetery in the village, go left and follow the road down towards the river, and back into Gorica.