"Berat is a highlight of any trip to Albania. It is one of the countries most beautiful towns" (Lonely Planet)

Berat is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Albania. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is recognised for its rich architecutre and hisory. The town lines the Osum River, and is seperated into three distinct and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Things to See in Berat
Berat Castle
From Roman armies to Byzantine conquerors, Berat Castle has a fascinating history which dates back over 2,000 years. Today the castle town of Kala is recognised for being one of the oldest continually inhabited citadels in Europe. The castle walls provide provides spectacular views over Berat and the surrounding countryside. Inside the town you will find the Onufri Museum, the remains of Red Mosque, and ancient churches dating back as early as the 13th century.
Visit the Ethnographic and the Onufri museum
The Ethnographic Museum is situated inside an 18th century Berat house. Inside you will find fascinating displays of traditional life. The Onufri Museum is situated within Kala - behind the castle walls - and houses iconic paintings by Onufri; Albania's most famous and celebrated medieval artist.
Take in the magnificent views and stroll around the Mangalem and Gorica districts
Through narrow alleyways, winding stone footpaths, and the vibrant main street you will soon find yourself immersed in the local culture and history.
Take a peak into one of the city's beautiful mosques and churches
In Berat you will find many ancient and beautiful churches, mosques, and chapels.
Enjoy local daily life during the evening Giro (Xhiro)
A must see in Berat is the traditional nightly Giro. From around 7:30-9:30pm each night, the locals walk and socialise along the main street in town lined with restaurants and bars.

Things to See around Berat
The Cobo Vineyard
A visit to Cobo Winery will provide you with a taste of 100% Albanian wine; among the best in the country. You can tour the winery or simply enjoy a few tastings while overlooking the Berat Countryside.
The Bogove Waterfalls
After a bus ride to Bogove and a hike along the Osum River you will discover the Bogove Waterfalls. Swim in the refreshing natural pool or cliff jump if you're feeling adventurous.
The Ancient City of Apollonia
The ancient city of Apollonia was founded by the Greeks in 588 BC and became an important Roman city and cultural centre. Today you can see artefacts in a 13th century Monestry, as well as breathtaking monuments such as The Bouleterion (city council), The Temple of Artemis and the Nymphaeum water fountain.
Mount Tomori
Near Berat is Mount Tomori which peaks at over 2,400 metres.