Things to Do Around Berat

Included in your stay at Berat Backpackers, we can provide you with suggestions and all the information you need for hikes and other outdoor activities in the areas surrounding Berat.


The Çobo Vineyard

Visit Cobo Winery to taste 100% Albanian wine, among the best in the country.  Take a tour of the winery or simply enjoy a tasting while overlooking the Berat Countryside.

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 The Bogove Waterfalls

Join us on one of our tours, check out our ‘Tours’ page for all the information you need .

The Ancient City of Apollonia

Many skip this wonder, but we’d think you’d be a fool to miss it.  The ancient city of Apollonia was founded by the Greeks in 588 BC and stayed important for the Illyrians and the Romans.  Most of it was excavated in the last twenty years, so it’s a fresh wonder. What has been taken and cleaned can be seen in a 13th century Byzantine Monastery in addition to the monuments, The Bouleterion (city council), The Temple of Artemis and the Nymphaeum water fountain, all found in the surrounding park.


Mount Tomorri National Park

On top of the famous mountain is a Bektashi Temple.  In late August, the people of this religious sect make a pilgrimage to the top to sacrafice goats and celebrate and drink Raki.


Osumi Canyons

The Osumi Canyons are located near the town of Corovode, about 2 hours outside of Berat. Dated from between 2 to 3 million years ago they are 26 km long. Small caves, interesting rock formations, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna all make the canyons a beautiful place to go. It is possible to walk along the top of the canyons as well as to raft through them (Class II rapids).