Still largely undiscovered, the ancient city of Apollonia was founded by the Geeks in 588 B.C.  After siding with Caesar in the war of Pompey, it rose to become an important Roman city and cultural center.  Today visit the ruins various monuments: Bouleterion (city council), arch of triumph, temple of Artemis and Nymphaeum water fountain.  Also visit the 13th century monastery that houses the  new museum.

From Berat Backpackers

Head down across the old stone bridge and take the local bus to the bus terminal (30 lek). Take bus to Fier 250 Lek, 7am, 8am, 9am, etc. Best to head out early.

Bus drops you at a roundabout. Continue straight on at roundabout on foot for just over 1km. Pass another large roundabout intersection with a big globe in the center of the road. After another couple of hundred meters look for a large blue and grey apartment building on the left side of the road. From here you can get a furgon to Apollonia (150Lek, 15 mins) or you can take a taxi 2500 round trip.

To get back you may have to walk 15-20 mins down the hill from Apollonia site to the viaale in order to get a furgon or hitch back to Fier. Then walk back to the same roundabout to get a bus back to Berat. (last bus 5pm)

 Don’t miss the military tunnels on the acropolis